Simatek in Thailand founded 1994, establish by a Cooperation business between Simatek A/S Denmark And Thai to Manufacturer and develop market base On Asia region. Simatek A/S, Denmark have been a Specialist in Industrial Air Filtration since 1981.

Simatek invented and continue development and Well equipped production facilities from the basis of The best quality products. Our dedication to quality Also extends to our technical advice, service and Delivery. Based on long experience and a Comprehensive range of filters, Simatek will prove A competent partner within industrial air filtration Co-operation being the key word behind Simatek's Sale efforts In certain cases Simatek offers the option of part-Manufacturer of the bulkies component.Along with The supply of essential parts, drawing and supervision This procedure id offer beneficial for distant markets.



Pulse Jet Filters, Simatek invented to develop Round bag house shape, the circulation characteristics when the dust load air inlet through a spiral inlet at the filter, Heavy particles continue rotating alongside the periphery of the filter chamber, ending up in the cone. The air bearing the light dust particles the filter bags, The dust being collecting on the outside.