Filter Media




Scrim and Fibre Type Abbreviation

Continuous Operating Temp. (Maximum)

Fields of Application


PP 90oC / (95oC) Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry. Food Industry, Galvanizings, Plastic Production, Wood Processing


PA 110oC / (115oC) Wet Filtration

Polyacrylonitrile copolymer

AC 115oC / (120oC) Asphalt Mixing Plants, Detergents, Power Plants

Temperature resistant olefin

RO 125oC / (135oC) Chemical Industry. Fertilizer Production, Lime Hydration

Polyacrylonitrile homopolymer

DT 125oC / (140oC) Coal Gnnding Drying, Spray Dryer, Power Plants


PE 150oC / (150oC) Cement Industry, Ceramic Industry. Food Industry, Metal Production, Mining, Plastic Production, Wood Processing


PPS 190oC / (200oC) Chemical Industry. Metal Production, Power Plants. Waste Incineration


NO, NX 200oC / (220oC) Asphalt Mixing Plants, Ceramic Industry, Chemical Industry, Lime Industry, Metal Production

Aromatic polyamide-imide

KMT 200oC / (260oC) Asphalt Mixing Plants, Metal Production


PL 240oC / (260oC) Cement Industry, Chemical Industry, Metal Production, Power Plants, Waste Incineration


PTFE, TF, TFL 250oC / (280oC) Carbon Black Industry, Chemical Industry. Power Plants, Waste Incineration