Intake JM20/25



::: Intake Pit Aspiration :::

The filter is designed for mounting on the edge alongside the intake pit (whereby the filter dust can flow back into the intake pit).On fast tipping-off from the lorry a dust cloud will rise through the grate of the intake pit at great air velocity.The intake-pit filter is provided with 2 slot intakes; one at low height for heavy dust, and one for light dust at a height of 1.8 m above the grate.Thus the intake-pit filter will continue functioning, even if the entire grate is covered with product.

When the ait-/dust mixture has passed the suction openings, it is led up into the filter chamber, upon which the air will penetrate the filter bags from the outside.Then the cleaned air is sucked up into the clean-air chamber, and out through the air outlet.

The compressed-air receiver is mounted on top of the clean-air chamber of the filter. 4 solenoid-activated membrane valves per moule lead the compressed air to distributing pipes with nozzles in the clean-air chamber.

At the expiry of the pause time in the filter control, a short electrical pulse is sent to one of valves, which in turn will send a strong blast of compressed air into 5 filter bags.After the subsequent pause, the next valve is activated, etc.

The dust thus being cleaned off the filter bags will drop to the bottom of the filter where a "chute" will carry it to the edge of the intake pit.

Adaptable to any size of intake pit
Low pressure drop
No rotary valve
No dust transport
Simple and inexpensive mounting
Functioning even if the intake pit is overfilled