Process Filter

The Simatek Jet Air Filter, Series 4T, has been developed to operate with dust explosion vents as stipulated in the German VDI 3673 guide lines.
The design of the filter housing and inlet zone secures a smooth flow of coarse particles as well as fine aerial dust particles into the filter.The concept of combining the ideal filter unit with one of the five construction forms means that almost any task can be solved by using standard modules.

The Simatek Jet Air Filter, series 4, is a modern bag filter with remarkable qualities for separation of dry and sticky dust particles.The filter equipped with an efficient scavenging system, which automatically keeps the filter bags clene during operation. Consequently, the Simatek Jet Air Filter works with a low pressure drop, which will only change slightly, even in continuous operation.The Simatek Jet Air Filter is an economical solution to suppress the emission of dust from industrial plants, and the investment is often paid back in terms of product recovery.The Simatek Jet Air Filter, series 4, is designed to meet the heavy demands from industry for substantial construction and reliability.


• Efficient scavenging system minimizing the necessary filter area.
• Supplied for 50 percent vacuum resistance.
• Maintenance-free construction.
• Change of bags from side or from the top.
• Available in sanitary design.
• Control system saving compressed air.
• Advanced control functions, easily integrated in modern electronic control systems.
• Non-relay-operated electronic control, with extended control DP 701

Scavenging-Power Consumption


Area for Client :

Chemical Industries
Pharmaceutical Industries
Food Processing Industries
Animal Feed Processing Industries
Rice Milling Industries
Wood & Furniture Industries
Cement & Ceramic Industries
Rubber & Plastic Industries
Mining & Foundry Industries
Metal & Steel Processing Industries
Welding & Plasma / Laser CNC Cutting Industries
Polishing / Grinding / Cutting / Sanding Industries
Other Air Polution from Industries